Today she is the director of design consultancy Made in Space, which is based in Los Angeles. Together with her studio “Made in Space”, she founded ”Gremanski Labs”, which is considered in her own words,” a laboratory dedicated to experiment and exploration.” Starting with her 1987 Design Quarterly #133 magazine to today public art commissions for the city of Los Angeles, Greiman hasn’t stop searching new ways to present her art. At the time the computer was seen as a tool for technology based industries, but April Greiman took advantage of its potential as a new visual medium and helped usher in the digital era of design as she pushed the boundaries of design. The mix of geometry, some neon colors, and type layering make the … One of the leading artists of the digital age, April Greiman was among the first to embrace computer technology as a new visual medium: her style links American Postmodernism with the rational clarity of the Swiss school. You can visit April Greiman Studios at 620 Moulton Avenue Studio # 211, Los Angeles (which is in California, USA), or contact them by calling nullOther She also teaches Woodbury University. For over three decades Made in Space has explored communications design in collaboration with architects, urban planners, and city / civic agencies. Her father was an early computer programmer, systems analyst, and founder and president of The Ventura Institute of Technology. Currently, April Greiman works out in Made in Space, a studio in Los Angeles. Designers & Studios April Greiman is probably best known for her revolutionary work in digital imaging and is widely regarded as one of the first designers to fully … Generally, as April Greiman calls her as “trans-media artist”, her works often combine graphic elements with photographs. She is recognized for introducing the Californian New Wave aesthetic. April Greiman In the 1980s the computer hit the consumer market on a variety of different fronts. greiman Multidisciplinary design for memorable spaces, Made in Space is a design consultancy owned and led by April Greiman. She uses computer technology to create a sense of depth by adding multiple layers. Her only sibling, Paul, became a meteorologist and specialist in climatic and atmospheric interplanetary modeling. Born on March 22, 1948, April Greiman grew up in New York City. the studio Made In Space is a design consultancy, owned by April Greiman. Her work expanded beyond works on … Moving from New York City in the 1970s, April based her business in Los Angeles to explore new paradigms in communication design, which she continues to do today. April Greiman was a designer in New York City in the mid-1970s when she decided to leave the comfort of a design community deeply entrenched in European … April Greiman Studios, which can be located in Los Angeles, is categorised as being a community, club or business that is active as Plants.

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